Shop languages

You can translate your notifications if you have a shop in multiple languages.
First create a new language, then go to the notification settings and translate notification messages. A language switcher will be displayed next to each translatable message.
You can translate recent order popups, time ago messages, cart notifications and roundup notifications.

Add a language

Set a short and unique name for your language
Choose how the app will recognize your language. You can use domain, subdomain, url parameter or Langify id.
Input domain if you selected domain, url parameter if you selected url parameter or Langify id if you selected langify id. E.g., /fr/, ?lang=fr, ly12345
You can match a language by:
If the match value (e.g. is found in the domain, the app will use translations for this language.
For example, values such as fr.,, fr.domain are all found in

Url parameter
If the match value (e.g. /fr/) is found anywhere in the url, the app will use translations for this language.
For example, value such as /fr/ are all found in
Value such as ?lang=fr is found in

Langify id
If you use Langify to localize your shop, then set your langify language id in the match value input field.
Langify id is usually in a format such as ly12345 and can be found in Langify dashboard.

You can also use Transcy - Language Translation app to automatically detect content and translate it. Install it here.
Save language
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