What if I don't have enough orders in my store?

Don't worry, you can still create a look of a busy store. Here is how you should configure the notifications (through the app settings):
  • Repeatedly show your sales - Just go to the settings and set the app to repeat the notifications.
  • Hide time stamp of orders - Don't show the time in notifications. This will make notifications to always look new!
  • Decrease the delay between the notifications - You can adjust the time delay between notifications to as low as 1 second. More notifications will make your store look more popular.

Why are my pop-ups not showing?

You probably just created your shop and didn't receive any orders yet, so the app doesn't have anything to show. The pop-ups will start showing automatically when you make your first sale :)

You can also use our cart notifications, which will show whenever somebody adds an item to their cart. Just make sure that the cart notifications are turned on (Show Recent Orders Settings -> Cart notifications).

If you want to alert your customers about anything else (e.g. a discount or a product which is back in stock), just create a new custom notification in "Custom popups" section (Show Recent Orders Settings -> Custom popups -> Notifications).

Can I change the font in notifications?

Yes. You can easily change the font with a simple font picker in the settings. You can also change its color and size :)

What is GDPR?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in the European Economic Area (EEA) protecting data of citizens from the EEA.
It is very restrictive about the usage of personal identifiable information (PII) and requires you to collect an explicit consent from your customers if you want to use or process your user's PII.
It is best to keep notifications anonymous so no personal identifiable information is exposed or used. An example of anonymous notification template is: "Someone just bought [item]." This kind of notification generally does not contain any personal identifiable information.

As per our Terms of Service, you are responsible for all usage of personal identifiable information and other data in the notifications.

If your business is mostly non-EU based, you can just turn off the notifications about orders from the EEA.

This is not a legal advice.

Why is the notification message for EU orders different?

Customer who placed order in your shop from European Economic Area is under a strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Usage of any kind of personal identifiable data or personal information without an explicit consent from this kind of customer is strictly forbidden. This is why we gave you an option to not show any notifications about orders from EEA. Or to use a different popup message (without any personal data) for orders from EEA.
If your business is mostly non-EU based, you can just turn off the notifications about orders from the EEA.

Which countries are in EEA and affected under GDPR?

The countries which are affected by GDPR are:
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland.

Will emojis display on all devices?

Emoji characters are well supported in many browsers (especially on mobile) but they don't show everywhere and will display differently on different devices.
Make sure your message is conveyed without them.

Avoid replacing words like this:
20% off all 👚 and 👢

Instead you can do something like this:
👚 20% off all Women's clothes 👢

Is the app mobile friendly?

Yes. The notifications look good on desktop and mobile devices.
You can also set the notifications to use full screen width on smaller devices. Just change the Advanced settings > Full width on mobile setting to "Yes" in order to enable this feature ;)

How do I change "state, country" to "city, state" in the notification?

You have to modify the first setting in General settings > Notification message.
Change the message to Someone from [city], [state] just purchased [item]. Tags in square brackets will be replaced with the correct value.
You can also customize the message with other tags such as:
  • [item] - will be replaced with product's name (e.g. Nike Running Shoes),
  • [item_price] - will be replaced with the price of an item,
  • [location] - will be replaced with location (e.g. Paris, France),
  • [country] - will be replaced with country name (e.g. France),
  • [city] - will be replaced with city name (e.g. London),
  • [state] - will be replaced with the name of the state (e.g. Colorado),
  • [company_name] - will be replaced with the name of the customer's company
  • [store_location] - will be replaced with location of the store. Useful when using Shopify POS.

I only want to display notifications for products which cost more than $10. How can I achieve that?

General settings > Minimum product price is the setting which you are looking for. You can set this price limit to 10 and only products which have a price bigger than $10 will be displayed in notifications.

How can I disable the app for a month or two without uninstalling?

To disable the app, just scroll down to the bottom of the settings and find the setting "Disable everywhere." Set it to "Yes" and the notifications will stop showing, while the app is going to preserve your settings and everything else :)

Can I change the colors of the notifications?

Yes, you can completely customize the notifications.
You can modify the background color, text color, product name color and border color. You can even use a background pattern for your notifications.

I want to show full product picture and not the cropped one

Just change the setting Advanced settings > Show whole product picture to "Yes" and the picture won't be cropped anymore.

Can I disable showing order notifications on specific pages?

Of course. Just add the list of urls where you want to hide recent order notifications to the Hide notifications > Hide on specific urls setting.

Can I hide recent order notifications on order pages with dynamic urls?

You probably mean urls such as https://www.cake-store-demo.myshopify.com.com/971263871236/orders/bcjf23gd031ad3d0b8002423531b2456 (example url).
You can hide recent order notifications with regular expressions. This configuration requires a bit more knowledge, but your store developer will understand it.
To hide on urls such as the one in the example, enter the regex expression
.*\/orders\/.* to the Hide notifications > Hide on specific urls setting.
This will match all urls with /orders/ part in it.

Google PageSpeed Insights are saying that Show Recent Orders app is using unminified JavaScript. Should I be concerned?

Some of the files which Show Recent Orders app is using are uncompressed because they are generated exclusively for your shop. This means that the file which your shop is using only contains functionalities which are required by your configuration of the app. This allows us to serve you smaller files which take less bandwidth and time to download compared to one big compressed file with all the functionalities. This has proven to be more effective in terms of bandwidth.
Google PageSpeed Insights also show that you would only save 2kB in bandwidth if we compress our file. This is a really small gain compared to the files of our competitors who are using multiple files which are more than 200kB big, while our is usually around 8kB big.