This is a support page for the app Add to cart button.
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Can i change the colors of the button?

Yes of course.
You can completely customize the add to cart buttons and the sticky cart.
You can change the color of
  • the buttons,
  • cart icon,
  • button text,
  • sticky cart background,
  • sticky cart icon,
  • item counter on the sticky cart,
  • the color of notifications when an item is added to the cart,...
You can actually change the color of every part of the application.

What if my shop uses an "infinite scroll" feature?

Ask your developer to add a call to addToCartButton.add_buttons(); function after new elements are appended to the page.
And every product will have an add to cart button automatically.

Can I change the font for the text in the button?

Yes. You can easily change the font with a simple font picker in the settings. You can also change its color and size :)

Does your app support product variants?

Yes. You can set the app to allow users to decide which product variant they want. Variants are listen in a nice dropdown box.

Is the app mobile friendly?

Yes. Add to cart buttons work on desktop and mobile devices.

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